Grass2Grit is a circular concept in which roadside grass is processed into grass juice and grass fibres. The juice is used for de-icing roads and the fibres are used for road furniture. Grass2Grit’s idea was born when Hillebrand Breuker of the Province of Noord-Holland was working with grass fibres and one day noticed that the juice that was obtained from pressing was quite salty. Research was conducted and a first Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Grass2Grit technique was completed in 2017. The conclusion: there is a lot of potential.

From grass to de-icer

In June 2018, Grass2Grit received a LIFE grant in the category ‘Environment and Resource Efficiency’ to carry out a pilot project. This pilot will take place on the N504 in Noord-Holland, where Grass2Grit wants to demonstrate that the roadside grass can be used to maintain the same road, along which it grows. The mowed roadside grass will be collected, processed and pressed, separating grass juice and grass fibres. Both raw materials are then processed into bio-based products that can be used on or alongside the road.

Positive environmental effects

In addition to demonstrating this circular approach, the project will lead to a number of positive environmental effects. By mowing more often in an environmentally friendly way and clearing the grass, the biodiversity along the road will increase. In addition, the pollution of verges will decrease because of the use of biobased road furniture.
If the pilot project is successful, Grass2Grit has the ambition to expand nationally and internationally.




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