What is the value of grass fibres?

In our project, it was investigated that it is possible to make a solid product in which 65% of the raw material can be replaced by grass fibres. Think of reflector poles, fencing, bank boards, picnic benches, etc. For more… Continue reading

Why did the project stop?

Making a bio-de-icer from grass juice turned out not to yield the sustainability gain that we had expected. When pressing, less grass juice came out of the grassfibers than we had expected, about 150 m3 from 90 tons of grass… Continue reading

What is Grass2Grit?

Grass2Grit is a circular concept aimed at de-icing roads and the (re)use of grass fibers. We want to demonstrate through a pilot that verge grass can be used to maintain the road along which it grows. The mowed roadside grass… Continue reading

Who is developing this concept?

Partners in this project are the Province of Noord-Holland, Schuitemaker BV, J. van Bodegom & zn. BV, Van Gelder and Sustainable Tree Systems. Furthermore, Tauw, TNO, the Butterfly Foundation and the Recreation Centre Geestmerambacht are also important suppliers, stakeholders and… Continue reading

How safe is it?

The safety of the grass juice as a deicer will be tested by TNO. This will be initially tested in a laboratory. In the course of the pilot period it will also be tested on public roads. Theoretically, the product… Continue reading

What is “sinus” mowing?

Sinus management is an ecological mowing method. It is a meandering mowing method, whereby part of the grass remains uncut. By mowing in winding paths and in phases, a diverse grassland is created. As a result, there is plenty to… Continue reading