Ready for winter

In the past few months we have reached a number of milestones. For example, the grass juice has been tested by TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) for its effect as a freezing point depressant. The results of these tests were positive. Last Autumn, the grass, which we are going to use for the first test on a public road, was mowed. Grass2grit applies an ecological mowing method that benefits biodiversity. In this video we explain how that works.

In the village Broek of Langedijk (North of Alkmaar) all the machines, needed to produce the grass juice, will be assembled at the Grass2Grit factory. We expect to use the de-icing solution on the test road, the N504, this Winter. As soon as that happens we will share images and stories on the website and social media. On Friday, 6th of March 2020, the factory will be opened officially. Registrations for this event will soon be possible.